Free pattern: Long chiffon maxi skirt

I have had this orange fabric sitting in the spare bedroom for a very long time. At least one year. Every season, I’d look at it again and think of something different to make with it. Originally, I was supposed to make an A-line shift dress. And then it was planned to be made into a drapey kimono jacket. A few more reincarnations had happened for this fabric in my head before I finally made this maxi skirt. Oh and I absolutely love it!

Those of you who follow @SewinLove on Twitter may have read my tweet about how I set a new record by only cursing once while sewing this skirt. And that it was never thrown across the room in a fit of sewing fury (you know what I’m talking about). As with the majority of things I attempt, this is a very easy project, and took me three days only. One day to draft the pattern, one day to cut it and overlock it, and then one day to sew it all together. The maxi skirt sewing pattern is available for you to download for free, so you could easily make this skirt in half a day.

Despite the loud colour, I’ve included this skirt as one of my 33 items in Project 333. I’ll do a proper blog post on Project 333, but in a nutshell, it is an experiment in minimalism started up Courtney, where you can choose only 33 items for your wardrobe to wear over 3 months. I’m just past my third week, and it has been interesting, fun and really not that hard (although I may have spoken too soon).

More about Project 333 later, but here are the instructions to making this suprisingly versatile maxi skirt. The elastic waistband means you can wear it on your hips or your waist, you can even pull it up and wear it as a dress. Just add a waist belt. :)

You will need

  • Fabric for outer skirt (chiffon, or other flowy fabric)
  • Fabric for lining
  • Elastic (2cm wide)


Step 1

Cut two sets of the skirt pattern out, one from each fabric.

Step 2

Make the lining. I overlocked the waist and hem, and then overlocked the edges to create a tube.

Step 3

Make the outer skirt. Overlock the waist. Wrong sides facing, sew the edges of the skirt together. You can zig-zag stitch or overlock the seam to neaten.
Long maxi chiffon skirt pattern tutorial 1

Step 4

Pin lining on to the outer skirt, ensuring the right side of the outer skirt is facing inwards.

Long maxi chiffon skirt pattern tutorial 2

Step 5

Fold both fabrics together to create waistband and stitch, leaving 3cm gap. Insert elastic through gap and stitch gap closed.

Step 6

Hem skirt to desired length.

Free Sewing Pattern: Chiffon maxi skirt

4 Responses to “Free pattern: Long chiffon maxi skirt”

  1. Maslinda

    Thank you so much for the instruction..I’ve been thinking all these days to buy a maxi skirt and you helpe me to create my own one!!

    • Rin

      You’re very welcome :) It’s so satisfying to make something instead of having to buy it, I think.

  2. Rene

    Very cute. And it’s simple. I recently made a high-low skirt out of some left over floral fabric from when I made my daughter a one shoulder dress. I took a lining out of an old dress and incorporated it into the high-low skirt. Came out really nice. I don’t have pictures yet, but after I make some minor modifications the pictures will come shortly after. Isn’t sewing fun. Sometimes it’s therapy for me. :)

    Check out my blog, Studio5 (

    • Rin

      Sounds amazing Rene, very creative to turn an old dress into a high-low skirt. Can’t wait to see some pics. I totally agree, sewing and making things in general makes me zen :)


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