DIY T Shirt into Ruffled Peter Pan Collar Top – Tシャツ リメイク

I’ve just rediscovered what a great fabric jersey is when it comes to reconstructing garments. It’s stretchy, doesn’t fray and is easy to cut, making this t-shirt DIY an absolute breeze! I think adding the pin tucks on the front makes the top look more premium.


Step 1

Use a tank top you own as a guide to trim the arm hole and side seam. Fold shirt lengthways to cut out the neckline.


Tshirt-remake-tutorial-Tシャツリメイク Step-1

Step 2

Fold and stitch the pin tucks on the front. Trace the front neckline and draw a Peter Pan collar. Add 1cm seam allowance and cut two collars.


Tshirt-remake-tutorial-Tシャツリメイク Step-2

Step 3

Attach collar to the wrong side and trim along the curve. Fold down the seam allowance at the shoulder seam. Fold collar down on to right side and hand stitch in place.


Tshirt-remake-tutorial-Tシャツリメイク Step-3

Step 4

Trace along the arm hole curve to make a paper pattern. Add 6cm for ruffles and cut two strips of fabric using the paper pattern. Gather along the straight edge and attach on to arm hole.


Tshirt-remake-tutorial-Tシャツリメイク Step-4

Step 5

Stitch the side seams. Finished!


Tshirt-remake-tutorial-Tシャツリメイク Step-6

T-shirt Refashion: Make a peter pan collar top with a pleated front out of a t-shirt!

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  1. EmSewCrazy

    This is super cute! I’ll be filing this idea away for future use!

  2. Carole

    Fabulous idea!
    thanks for sharing.


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