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Facebook Group Rules

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules for joining my Facebook group. It’s very important to me that everyone feels safe and supported in my group.

That’s why these rules are in place.

These rules are subject to change without notice. But basically, it just asks you to be a nice human being and to refrain from self-promotion.

Thanks again, and see you inside my group!

1. No self-promotion

If you think there’s something you’ve created (such as a blog post) which will highly benefit the group members, you can post a link in the group. But as a general rule, please don’t promote your services or products in the group. Please be genuine and only share something if it will provide value to your fellow members.

2. #Ask #Make #Give

Please use these THREE hashtags when you are posting. It makes it easier for group members to find your post and search for it later:

#ASK – ask for help / advice
e.g. “How do I prepare linen for sewing?”

#MAKE – share your current / future / completed projects
e.g. “I’m knitting this sweater and enjoying a cup of tea”.

#GIVE – motivate group members to stay creative
e.g. A nice quote or a great book

3. No Solicitation

Please respect the privacy of others and refrain from requesting or actually private messaging group members. All conversations should be kept within the group.

4. Be Nice

We are here to chill out and get creative. Please don’t be nasty, rant or spam people. You will be removed without warning.

5. Be Valuable to Others

I hope we can create a supportive community of like-minded makers. I’m looking forward to connecting with you in my Facebook Group. Thanks for reading to the end of the group rules!