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Welcome to the Japanese Knot Bag Challenge

You’re here! It’s so good to have you join us. We are going to have such a great time sewing together.

A little welcome message from me (Rin)…

Get Ready for the Sewing Challenge

Before our challenge starts, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Purchase Japanese Knot Bag Sewing Pattern here.
  2. Print out your sewing pattern on A4 paper. Use Legal Size paper if you are in the US.
  3. Get your fabric ready. You will need 60cm (5/8 yd) x each of two different pieces of fabric. This is a reversible bag, so you can enjoy both fabrics.
    • Fabric suggestion: cotton, linen, calico, chambray
  4. Block out time in your calendar / planner. Schedule 30 minutes (or more if you can) over the challenge dates to make time to sew. It’s your precious “me time”—you deserve it!

Challenge Schedule

  • Saturday, 26 October: Assemble and cut the sewing pattern
  • Sunday, 27 October: Draft and cut the fabric
  • Monday, 28 October: Part 1 of Sewing
  • Tuesday, 29 October: Part 2 of Sewing

Watch your inbox for next steps!