Mens T-shirt DIY – Upside Down Pocket

Who says DIY t-shirt revamps are just for women? Pretty sure men appreciate an original, customized t-shirt too. Especially if it’s been made with lots of love!

This customized t-shirt was a Christmas gift for my husband. I used a traditional Indonesian batik fabric I bought in Jakarta last month. Husband is pretty chuffed to have a unique tee, especially with a bit of my Indonesian heritage thrown in.

How to make

Step 1

Create a paper pattern for the back panel by folding the t-shirt in half. Also draw and cut out a paper pattern for the pocket.



Step 2

Cut out the back panel and pocket from your fabric. Add 1cm (0.4 in) seam allowance.



Step 3

Let’s make the pocket! Zig-zag stitch around all edges to prevent fraying. Fold and press along the seam allowance, then stitch along the pointed edge. Stitch a little triangle on each side to keep the seams neat. Make a buttonhole.



Step 4

Pin and stitch the pocket on to the t-shirt. Make sure you only stitch along the three straight edges! Attach a button to the t-shirt which meets the buttonhole on the pocket.



Step 5

Attaching the back panel now. Fold and press along the seam allowance of all edges except for the neckline curve. Attach back panel to the t-shirt, stitching about 2mm (0.4 in) from the edge.

Step 6

The neckline is a bit tricky. Trace the neckline curve on the right side of the fabric, before snipping along the curve. Press the snipped edges inside the fabric and sew 2mm (0.4 in) from the edge.





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  1. C Gomura

    It is a good idea and Dave would like this unique and personalised tee. Well done.

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